The only woman-owned and women-led contact lens company in the world – and manufacturer of: 

because you’re unique.

You’re not mainstream – so why should your contact lenses be? They shouldn’t – which is why we don’t make lenses for the masses. Instead, we make them for individuals – like you.

When designing our lenses we cater to your specific needs. As a result, you will have a greatly improved wearing experience – comfortable contact lenses throughout the entire day.

Most contact lens manufacturers that you’re familiar with make lenses in one size. The problem with this is… one size does not fit all. This is why we make smaller and larger lenses. By doing this, doctors are able to get the right fit on your eye. This results in greatly improved comfort and clarity. The precise fit obtained with our lenses, along with our ultra-hydrating materials, is what makes Extreme H2O the gold standard for contact lens comfort.

Picture of Dr. Shante Williams

meet Dr. Shante

Dr. Shante Williams is a distinguished venture capitalist, business owner, inventor, intellectual property strategist and private investor. Currently, she serves as CEO of Black Pearl Global Investments, a Black-owned asset management firm focused on reducing health disparities across the globe.

Her proven track record of excellence and leadership has been integral to the growth for many individuals and businesses. Before life as a full-time entrepreneur, Dr. Shante worked in the medical field and is widely recognized for her discovery of innovative

chemotherapy treatments for high-grade invasive brain tumors. As soon as she discovered how to apply her innovative prowess to other facets of her industry, she earned numerous leadership positions. In the health care field, Dr. Shante has served in leadership roles such as vice president of technology acquisition and director of mergers and acquisitions. She enjoyed a stint in the auto industry as director of intellectual property for electric drive vehicles.

Having enjoyed years of accomplishment in corporate America, Dr. Shante founded her first company, RW Capital Partners, which became an industry-leading firm specializing in real estate, technology development, startup/standup and business disputes resolution. Her knowledge remains pivotal to helping entrepreneurs evolve and become more informed.

She has received numerous awards for her business and entrepreneurship efforts, and her thought leadership is frequently published in national and international media outlets. Her community service includes chairman for the Charlotte Mecklenburg Black Chamber of Commerce and Heal Charlotte, a nonprofit dedicated to holistic community change. Additionally, she is a community advisory board member for the NPR affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a community advisor for Shelter to Shutters, a nonprofit that deploys marketplace solutions to solve homelessness.

Dr. Shante earned her bachelor’s degree from Winston-Salem State University and a Master of Business Administration from Queens University in Charlotte. She holds a doctorate in integrated biomedical science, specializing in neuro-oncology and pharmacology, from The ohio State University.

Be Well.  Do Well

About Black Pearl Global Investments

Black Pearl Global Investments is an asset management firm that invests in companies innovating in the health determinants space, with a primary focus on North America, Africa and the Caribbean. Black Pearl advocates for those who continue to experience inferior outcomes and reduced access. Its tagline – Be Well. Do Well. – captures the firm’s mission to invest in transformative companies around the world.

Dr. Shante Williams
Founding Partner | Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Carl Smart
Founding Partner | Chief Investment Officer

Marlon Joris
Founding Partner | Operations

Daniel Smart
Founding Partner | President of Black Pearl Caribbean